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Surveillance operations

Surveillance is one of our specialties and is a very important tool we utilize in our investigations to obtain the answers and information you are looking for.  Surveillance is usually necessary to prove, or disprove, allegations, as well as to obtain vital evidence needed for court proceedings.

Undercover operations

Undercover operations is another one of our specialties and is crucial in proving workplace theft and fraud. Undercover operations may also be utilized to compliment other investigations to bring them to a successful conclusion.

Person Location

We utilize the most current databases, as well as old-fashioned investigation work, to locate missing persons, witnesses, family, ancestors, etc..

Database Inquiries

We utilize the most current and informative databases to obtain addresses, phone number, employment, etc.

GPS installation/monitoring

To locate and monitor marital, company, or client-owned vehicles, we install state of the art GPS tracking equipment, and monitor, in real-time, the location of your vehicle using advanced tracking software.

Witness Location

We utilize the most recently updated databases, as well as old-fashioned investigation work to locate witnesses necessary for fact-finding, depositions, court, etc.

Family Investigations

We utilize a variety of techniques to investigate the many aspects of Family Investigations to include, but not limited to, violations or non-conformance of court orders pertaining to Alimony, Co-habitation, and child welfare and custody.

Employee Theft

Statistics show that one-third of employees have committed some type of employee theft, and on average, 7% of a business’ revenue is lost to employee theft. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that 75 percent of employees steal from the workplace and that 30 percent of business failures are a direct result of employee theft. For these crimes, we conduct a variety of investigations ranging from secret shoppers and undercover employment to embezzlement investigations.

Workman’s Compensation

We conduct investigations regarding fraudulent Workman’s Compensation or Disability claims.